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Pushing Past Limiting Beliefs

It’s no secret that our thoughts have such a profound impact on the people we are. Thoughts can impact our words, actions, beliefs, and goals. Think positive thoughts, become a positive person. Think negative thoughts? Well, you get the idea.

But what happens when our subconscious thoughts—the ones that play on repeat in the background, and that we sometimes don’t even know exist—keep us from reaching our fullest potential? Our fears, addictions, lack of motivation or willpower, and low self-esteem all stem from these limiting beliefs that we hold in our unconscious minds. Check out Dan Ross’s video on limiting beliefs and how we can banish them for good to become the people we were meant to be.

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About the Author:

Dan Ross has been working with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) since 1995 and Ericsonian Hypnosis since 2003. He has attended several trainings with many of the world’s top trainers, including learning the latest breakthroughs in changework, known as NLP 3.0, directly from Robert Diltz.
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